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Protecting our brand identity

The obligation is placed upon us by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to ensure that we do all we can to protect the use of any branding owned by us or licensed to us. If we do not adhere to this obligation, then we are liable to the CGF for any damage to the reputation of the Commonwealth Games. It is therefore our responsibility to put adequate brand protection in place, together with clear guidance for the public and businesses.

Equally importantly, every aspect of the Games must be funded.  This comprises a combination of public money from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council, and money privately generated by us through ticket sales, the sale of merchandise, broadcasting and commercial sponsorship.

The money being generated to pay for Glasgow 2014 will not only be of relevance for the 11 days of Games competition. The infrastructure built to house the Games will provide a lasting legacy for the city of Glasgow and for Scotland far beyond 2014.

Our sponsorship income is crucial for our targets to be met. We offer our sponsors an attractive investment opportunity where they can showcase their support of the Games based around their exclusive use of our brand. We must therefore be able to assure sponsors that adequate measures are in place to protect their investment, or from the outset they may not be persuaded to invest.

Read our Brand Protection FAQs.

The Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work. For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.