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Coldstream & Edinburgh

Day 1.  Saturday 14 June.

The Queen’s Baton arrived in Scotland after an extraordinary 248-day global journey through the 69 member nations and territories that form the Commonwealth.  The iconic baton will now spend the next 40 days travelling through 400 communities across Scotland and will be carried by over 4000 lucky baton bearers.

The baton began its first day in the host country with a warm welcome from the residents of border town Coldstream in a memorable inauguration ceremony before the 42 mile trip to the capital, Edinburgh.

Coldstream, the historic Scottish Borders town on the banks of the River Tweed, provided a stunning backdrop for the arrival of the Queen’s Baton into Scotland. England representative and British triple gold medallist Daley Thompson handed the baton to Team Scotland athlete Eilidh Child on the border at Coldstream Bridge at 07:45.

The baton’s arrival was greeted by the local community who were keen to participate in the momentous welcoming ceremony. Residents and schoolchildren lined the road to fly the flags of the Commonwealth and the first selection of baton bearers proudly carried Her Majesty’s message into Scotland.

Scottish stars of sport and entertainment were joined by heroes of the local community to carry the famous baton north to Edinburgh.

Lynne McNicoll from Edinburgh received the baton from Scots rugby legend Gavin Hastings as the baton reached Edinburgh. Lynne has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for children affected by cancer. 

Michael Mair, who set up a Scouts group at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh, carried the baton through the city centre.

Also joining the really in the city was Mairon Muetzelfeldt , a teacher of 40 years who is an enthusiastic charity worker and has organised hundreds of street collections for a number of good causes.

The baton finished its first day in Edinburgh visiting a number of locations including Edinburgh Castle and 1986 Commonwealth Games venues, the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Meadowbank Stadium.

The day was capped with a celebration for the baton in Princess Street Gardens. Former Commonwealth Gold medallist and MBE Alex Arthur held the baton aloft beneath Edinburgh castle to a fan fare of music and dance. Signalling the baton’s return to the city that was so electric as a host in 1986. 

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07.10 - 09.00Event in Henderson Park, Coldstream
07.40Coldstream relay & border crossing
10.00 Heriot Watt University
11.00Haymarket Station
17.45The Meadows
17.30 - 19.30Evening celebration - Ross Bandstand

All times are approximate and may vary on the day.

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Featured batonbearers

Joannie was diagnosed with two brain tumours eight years ago. She has since used her own personal situation to become a patient representative, offering supporting and giving her time to help others in the same situation. Joannie has always had a positive attitude to life. She suffers from eye problems because of the surgery and tumours, but does not let that deter her from doing cycling challenges around the world to fundraise for various charities.

Donald has dedicated his life to volunteering with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. He was a volunteer crewman on Queensferry's RNLI lifeboat for 17 years, following this he has been part of the management team for 20 years. He is a reliable Deputy Launching Authority, assisting the Lifeboat Operations Manager in the day to day running of the station 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a rota basis.

Between 1982 and 2003, Ronnie ran 33 marathons around the world raising £225,000 for the charity Children 1st. Last year, aged 70, he ran the Loch Ness Marathon to raise funds for SportsAid Scotland, a charity of which he is Chairman.

Frances Smith, Edinburgh

Frances has been an active member of Warrender Baths Club for over 50 years, firstly as a swimmer, then as a coach and now, as the voluntary swimming convenor. She spends up to 30 hours a week encouraging swimmers into the sport, running development squads, coaching and organising competitions for young swimmers. Through her efforts the Club now has over 300 swimmers, eight of which will qualify for the Commonwealth Games 2014.

John Smith, Edinburgh

John is 87 and actively participates in sport as well as being a community volunteer for St Giles Cathedral He plays Badminton, is part of a walking group and does aqua aerobics every week. Over 30 years ago he started a community badminton club that is still going strong today as well as a youth badminton club which he coaches every Friday night. John volunteers at a local care home making the residents cups of tea and keeping them entertained.

Christina Thomson, Edinburgh

Christina is a well-known figure to staff, pupils and many local residents in the Broughton Primary School area of Edinburgh for the devotion and enthusiasm she has shown through volunteer work. She's given up many hours and days over the years helping people of all abilities and nationalities feel welcome and supporting families at the school. She also organises fundraising events for a variety of charities.

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