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East Renfrewshire

Day 33.  Wednesday 16 July.

The Queen’s Baton Relay comes to East Renfrewshire on 16 July and we’re hoping you’ll be there to show your support! We’ll soon be able to share more details about the day, so please bookmark the page and come back later for more information.

*Route details and timings are subject to change.

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09.05Newton Mearns
17.20Newton Mearns

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Featured batonbearers

Having lived in Uplawmoor for 77 of her 83 years, Heather has made massive contributions to her local community, and remains involved as a board member of the community council, convener of the community hall, church board member, and member of the local church choir. She even started a Friday soup kitchen which has since become a popular focal point for children and villagers of all ages.

Morven is the youngest candidate in the whole of East Renfrewshire, and she’s one who’s loved participating in athletics right through primary school and into secondary. She has represented both schools and is a member of Giffnock North Athletics, and has gained self-confidence and a lot of respect from her peers through this.

When Paul, a young man with Down’s syndrome, contracted swine flu four years ago, he developed serious complications and was placed in an induced coma for 16 days. He was in critical condition and his life hung in the balance. Eventually, he recovered, although the event left him physically and mentally weak. Since then, he has worked tirelessly regain his health and recapture his strength, shedding over two stone in the process. To this day, he still attends the gym and swims regularly.

The veteran candidate for East Renfrewshire, 84 year old Joan sets a wonderful example to the young people of today. She still incredibly works two days per week, hits the gym at Newlands Tennis Club, and every other weekend goes bookselling with Subscribe Rambling Club, of which she is a founding member. In spite of a serious knee injury which occurred while hillwalking, Joan remains active, positive and aims to get the most out of life.

For decades Eddie was a competitive Masters swimmer. A well-known figure, in the 1970s he was an international swimmer for Scotland and Great Britain, and still holds records for Britain. Previously Eddie was the recipient of European and World titles. He’s the current chairman of the Scottish Masters Committee, which delivers adult opportunities - from keeping fit to international competitions and expanding services – all across Scotland.

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