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Day 38.  Monday 21 July.

The Queen’s Baton Relay comes to Glasgow on 20-23 July and we’re hoping you’ll be there to show your support! We’ll soon be able to share more details about the day, so please bookmark the page and come back later for more information.

*Route details and timings are subject to change.

Baton Route

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06:45Anderston (1)
09.00 Anderston (2)
10.40Partick (1)
11.10Jordanhill (1)
12.25 Partick (2) 
12.50Partick Burgh Hall
13.45Byres Road
13.50 Hillhead 
14.00Great Western Road
14.15 Woodlands 
15.40Knightswood (Netherton Comm. Centre)
17.05Drumchapel Comm. Centre
17.25Drumchapel Sports Centre
18:00Knightswood (2)
18.25Scotstoun Sports Campus
18:40Jordanhill (2)
TBCVictoria Park - end of day celebration

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Featured batonbearers

With a spinal injury two years ago, Jo was paralysed from the chest down. Despite this, she remained constantly positive, and after six months in spinal rehab she returned home to live totally independently. She discovered wheelchair rugby and determined not to let the paralysis stop her from being active, Joanne fully embraced the exciting sport, helping form the only wheelchair rugby club in Scotland, The Caledonian Crushers.

Gillian, a middle-distance runner, has had outstanding success in athletics in her age group. She is totally dedicated to her sport, has a fantastic attitude and is determined to succeed. A positive role model and an inspiration to others, especially children, she has competed at a high level, representing Scotland on seven occasions.

Joseph was brought up in Cadder and still lives there. Joe has been a champion for boxing, fitness, health, sport and education in the wide Glasgow community. At a young age, Joseph got involved in boxing which provided him with a path in life. Acknowledging the benefits sport has had on life, Joseph set up Partick Boxing Club. Charging one pound for entry to the club, Joseph ensures the club is accessible to all in the community.

Hunter has been a loyal servant to the people of Glasgow for his entire professional life contributing particularly in the area of housing. For the past five years he has overseen the refurbishment of the Maryhill Burgh Halls which has transformed the building into something with much civic use and a source of great local pride in an area short on both.

John has worked in Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre since it opened in 1994 and has helped support thousands of substance misusers in crisis. After 12 years of addiction John will celebrate his own 25th Anniversary of abstinence from substance misuse in 2014. As a personal challenge John has recently climbed all Scottish Munros and endeavours to climb all the main summits in Scotland. John is a determined, courageous man and is an ideal role model for all people struggling with addiction.

Terry McLernon MBE is an inspirational figure within his local community. He has dedicated the last 35 years of his life to coaching in the community, and helping young people change their lives for the better in Drumchapel, a socially deprived area. Terry has won numerous awards for his dedication and success of his club. He works with mainstream and disability children all over Scotland giving them the opportunity to play table tennis.

The multi-nominated John has been named as the “most dedicated coach possible” by some of his nominees. Spending most of his waking hours helping and supporting young athletes at the Fusion Triathlon Club – which he formed in 2009 – John has given pretty much all of his own free time to build up Scotland’s largest and most successful club with a junior section, it now boasting over 100 young active children.

Robert has been registered blind all of his life but hasn't let this stop him from becoming a World Champion in blind bowling. He either holds or has held Scottish Champion, British Champion and World Champion titles. He has previously been the president of the Scottish Blind Bowling Association. In his personal time, Robert has run bowling clubs in his own area both in Inverclyde and Glasgow and helped other disabled bowlers try sport for themselves. 

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