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Population: 15,000 Capital City: The Valley

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of the island of Anguilla and a number of much smaller, uninhabited islands and cays.

The name comes from the French word for eel – anguille. It represents the island’s elongated shape, 16 miles long and never more than 3.5 miles) wide.

Anguilla has spectacular beaches and coral reefs, which attract many visitors. Tourism is an important sector of the island’s economy. Islanders also work in financial services and fishing.

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Anguilla has no bus services. Many islanders have cars.

You will find plenty of seafood on Anguilla, including prawns, shrimps, crabs and red snapper. If you are looking for a change from all that fish and shell fish, goat is a commonly eaten meat.

The islanders are known for their easy-going nature and enjoy dancing and listening to music. Their favourite tunes come from reggae, calypso and soca.

They celebrate a carnival in August, which is a festive and cultural highlight of the year.

Boat racing is the national sport, and you can see regattas on most public holidays. Cricket and rugby are also popular.

Anguilla attended its first Commonwealth Games in 1998, competing in Athletics. In 2002, 2006 and 2010 it took part in Athletics and Cycling. At the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, Anguilla had a delegation of five athletes in track & field.


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