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Day 9 - Pakistan

Relay Recap

Under a bright Punjabi sun, the Queen's Baton has been touring the city of Lahore – a city twinned with Glasgow. The baton has been accompanied by a large number of Pakistani athletes and representatives of the Pakistan Olympic Association.

The morning's activities began just after sunrise – before the heat could rise in the streets. The baton visited the Minar-e-Pakistan marble tower – a monument commemorating the resolution of Pakistan. There the baton was met by a large group of athletes, all wishing to hold it, and all expressing their desire to visit Glasgow next year to compete. Amongst the athletes present was Abdul Ghafoor, Pakistan's weightlifting medallist at the Edinburgh 1970 Games, accompanied by his two sons both of whom hope to compete next year.

As the sun rose higher in the sky the baton moved to the Badshahi Mosque, a 17th century Mughal architectural wonder. The baton was proudly held aloft there by Pakistan's first competitive female swimmer Kiran Khan, and by Gold medal winning wrestler Inam Butt.

In the late afternoon, in a lush garden with scented flowers and an aviary of budgerigars, a ceremony was held with a large turnout of media and guests, despite this being the Muslim holiday day of Eid. The Queen's baton was officially presented to the Pakistan Olympic Association, represented by Lt. Gen. (Ret) Syed Arif Hasan. After the formal part of the ceremony in which Pakistan was gifted the baton's granite 'gemstone', a memento of its visit, the athletes ran a relay around the gardens holding the baton aloft with pride.

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