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Meet the Batonbearers

Information correct as of 6 June 2014

Namesort descendingRouteDay
John HubbardSouth Ayrshire7
Linda McLeodClackmanannshire12
Aaron TaitSouth Ayrshire7
Aaron FernandezGlasgow37
Aaron GlenPerth and Kinross21
Aaron HornNorth Ayrshire32
Aaron McNallyStirling23
Aaron TaitSouth Ayrshire7
Abbi AitkenAngus15
Abbi BlackieScottish Borders5
Abbie CoplandWest Lothian2
Abbie CoplandWest Lothian2
Abbie ForganFife13
Abbie FreemanNorth Ayrshire32
Abbie MacNeilGlasgow38
Abbie WilsonWest Lothian2
Abbigail ClearyDundee City14
Abby MellonMidlothian3
Abby MellonMidlothian3
Abby TombsGlasgow39
Abigail MacNeilEast Renfrewshire33
Abigail NorrisAberdeenshire16
Abigail SymeSouth Lanarkshire9
Abtaha MaqsoodEast Renfrewshire33
Adam LoweEast Ayrshire8
Adam MurrayColdstream & Edinburgh1
Adam PhilipWest Lothian2
Adam BellEast Renfrewshire33
Adam BrownStirling23
Adam CoxClackmanannshire12
Adam DonnachieSouth Lanarkshire9
Adam FauldsFife13
Adam LivingstoneMidlothian3
Adam LoweEast Ayrshire8
Adam MartinEast Lothian4
Adam MurrayColdstream & Edinburgh1
Adam ObernikDundee City14
Adam PhilipWest Lothian2
Adam ScottHighlands28
Adam SloanEast Renfrewshire33
Adele DouglasAngus15
Adele DouglasAngus15
Adrian WoodGlasgow37
Adrienne HunterGlasgow38
Agnes PetrieWest Lothian2
Agnes HallWest Dunbartonshire35
Agnes McDonaldWest Lothian2
Agnes McGinnessGlasgow37
Agnes O'BrienGlasgow37
Agnes PetrieWest Lothian2
Agnes RaybouldEast Dunbartonshire36
Agnes ShieldsRenfrewshire34
Aidan Lynas BellColdstream & Edinburgh1
Aidan CoplandSouth Ayrshire7
Aidan HarrisonFife13
Aidan Lynas BellColdstream & Edinburgh1
Aidan QuinnWest Dunbartonshire35
Aileen BradyStirling23
Aileen PennyFife13
Aileen PetrieAberdeenshire16
Aileen TraversPerth and Kinross21
Ailie OrdSouth Lanarkshire9
Ailish DouglasEast Renfrewshire33
Ailsa DavidsonNorth Lanarkshire10
Ailsa ForresterEast Dunbartonshire36
Ailsa McKenzieEast Lothian4
Ailsa MurrayHighlands28
Ailsa WyllieDundee City14
Aimee CuthbertSouth Ayrshire7
Aimee GardnerSouth Ayrshire7
Aimee HigginsonStirling23
Aimee Jane OllisEast Renfrewshire33
Aimee Jane OllisEast Renfrewshire33
Aird JardineSouth Lanarkshire9
Aisling HurleyClackmanannshire12
Ajay SinghGlasgow38
Alan MillerFalkirk11
Alan AuldWest Dunbartonshire35
Alan CunninghamNorth Lanarkshire10
Alan GarriockOrkney Islands27
Alan HarrisonWest Dunbartonshire35
Alan HillEast Dunbartonshire36
Alan HunterClackmanannshire12
Alan JohnstonHighlands28
Alan KeithFalkirk11
Alan LynnStirling23
Alan MacBeathGlasgow38
Alan MarshallRenfrewshire34
Alan MatthewsPerth and Kinross21
Alan McGuireDundee City14
Alan MeikleGlasgow38
Alan MillerFalkirk11
Alan NewmanNorth Lanarkshire10
Alan PayneColdstream & Edinburgh1
Alan PriorWest Dunbartonshire35
Alan ShanksFalkirk11
Alan SmithGlasgow39
Alan SoutarAngus15
Alan SternEast Renfrewshire33
Alan StewartScottish Borders5
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