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Clyde-sider of the Week – Sue Weir

Clyde-sider of the week - Sue Weir

What's your name and where are you from?

I'm Sue, Susie and Susan – but only on a Sunday :o) And proud to say I'm a Glaswegian all my days.

Are people in Glasgow excited about Glasgow 2014?

Absolutely. There is no question about it. I have spoken to lots of people who are very enthusiastic and want to help make this a time to remember.

What Clyde-sider role have you been offered?

I am delighted to say that I have been offered a role within Spectator Services.

Where will you be based?

The venue that I have been assigned to is Scotstoun Sports Campus.

What are you most looking forward to about your role?

There isn't one thing specifically that I am most looking forward to, but I just want to be able to say that I was part of this incredible once in a lifetime experience.

Why did you want to be a Clyde-sider in the first place?

In my day to day line of work I encourage others to consider volunteering in order to gain experience in various different work environments. I had never considered volunteer work myself before and when this opportunity arose I just couldn’t let it pass. This is going to sound very cheesy, but I already feel extremely privileged to have been a part of the process so far. I am also cannot wait to get stuck into the role!

Have you visited Glasgow before? If so what's your favourite thing about the city?

As I'm a Wegie there are lots of things about Glasgow I like. I do love the City Centre, though. The shopping is brilliant, and there’s always a new place to try for food or a cocktail or two!

If you won a Gold medal, what would your celebration song be?

Celebrate Good Times by Kool & the Gang :o)

Can you sum up what you think Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Oooh that’s easy... Successful, life-changing and fantabulous!!

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