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My Sport – Boxing


When Jamie Macdonald was a kid his dad would let him stay up on a Saturday night to watch the boxing on TV. This childhood treat got him hooked on boxing for life.

We asked Jamie to tell us a little bit about a sport that he says requires intelligence, heart, coordination, grace, power, endurance and talent.

Why are you a fan of boxing?

For me, boxing is the definition of sport. It has it all – the enormous amount of team work required in the gym to get a boxer into fighting condition, the boxer’s individual sacrifice and responsibility on the night, the challenge to achieve optimum stamina levels, as well as the boxer having the presence of mind to know when these energy reserves need to be called upon for an explosive burst during the fight.

What's the best thing about watching boxing live?

The best thing about watching boxing live are the faces – the faces in the crowd, the faces in the corners and the faces in the ring. There are fans and families in the stalls living every punch thrown and taken by their boxer. There are the teams in each corner, trying fervently to work out the riddle facing their boxer before that final bell tolls. Then there are the boxers’ faces – completely focused, so involved in the bout that they are unaware of everything going on around them.

Who's your boxing hero?

Personally, I believe that the people involved in running amateur clubs are the true heroes of boxing – the people who give up their time to train others, and teach self-respect and discipline to the boxers in their gyms. They also provide places in their local communities where kids can go to learn about themselves and how to work with others.

What's your best memory from watching boxing?

Watching Joe Calzaghe absolutely dominate Jeff Lacy to become Unified Super Middleweight World Champion. It’s the best performance in the ring from a Brit I've ever witnessed.

Which boxing star should people look out for at Glasgow 2014?

Josh Taylor. With all the experience he has gained from London 2012 and the World Series of Boxing, hopefully he will make his mark in Glasgow 2014.

I also think Nicola Adams will continue to further her legacy after winning Olympic Gold and become a crossover star for the sport.

Why should people who don’t know anything about boxing buy tickets to watch it at Glasgow 2014?

I'd urge anyone to go along to watch the Boxing competition at Glasgow 2014. Boxing is a sport on the up after the success of Team GB at London 2012. It’s also a sport that is truly accessible to anyone. Come along to the SECC Precinct and witness one of the most pure forms of competition you will ever see.

What are some common misconceptions about boxing?

The biggest misconception is that anyone involved in boxing is a violence-loving thug. It's so far from the truth. There is no room in any gym for anyone with a thuggish mentality. Amateur boxing isn't about trying take your opponents head off – it’s a tactical battle of wits, more so than fists.

Glasgow 2014 in three words?

Pure dead brilliant.

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