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My Sport – Diving


Nathan Hazlehurst has been a fan of diving since he watched it at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. We asked him to tell us a little bit more about a sport that he says requires extreme technical skill, as well as grace.

What’s the best thing about watching diving live?

Best thing about watching diving live is the atmosphere in the venue and the noise on entry.

Who’s your diving hero?

My diving hero is Chris Mears due to his amazing skill and recovery, despite his nearly fatal injury.

What’s your best memory from watching diving?

My best memory was watching diving practises at London 2012 and getting to see the divers up close.

Which diving star should people look out for at Glasgow 2014?

People should watch out for Jack Laugher of Team England who has real talent.

Why should people who don’t know anything about diving buy tickets to watch it at Glasgow 2014?

Diving is just an amazing sport – really fast and easy to get into.

What are some common misconceptions about diving?

The main misconception about diving is that they are all swimmers. It’s a very different skill.

Can you sum up what Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Just simply amazing.


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