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Volunteer in Focus – Charlie Keeble

Charlie Keeble

What’s your occupation?

I’m currently unemployed and studying at the Open University.

Where do you live?

Hornchurch, Essex.

Are people in Hornchurch excited about Glasgow 2014?

There’s excitement in my street about Glasgow 2014. In fact, we’re still hung up on London 2012. I myself am hungry for some more sporting action.

Have you volunteered before?

I’ve been volunteering for the last five years, and have made some good friends and a great contribution to my community in that time.

Are you planning to volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

I’m very keen to volunteer at Glasgow 2014 and I am even more determined to carry the baton on its way across the Commonwealth.

What are you most looking forward to about volunteering at Glasgow 2014?

Getting the chance to rub shoulders with the athletes, make new friends and being able to say ‘I took part’ – that will have a lasting legacy on my life.

Which sports star would you most like to see at the Games?

I hope to see Sir Chris Hoy.

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