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Volunteer in Focus – Darren Miller

Volunteer Darren Miller

What’s your occupation?

Creative in a digital agency.

Where do you live?

East Kilbride.

Are people in East Kilbride excited about Glasgow 2014?

From what I can tell, yes! Though, I think the true buzz will start when we hit 2014. People will realise how close it is and, like London 2012, the atmosphere will get quite electric!

Have you volunteered before?

Yep! I volunteer for St Andrew’s First Aid and have done for nearly nine years.

What’s your best volunteering memory?

Winning the 2012 Volunteer First Aider of the Year Award was quite a proud achievement for me. However, there have been too many good memories created through my volunteering to choose one single memory. I've met so many great people, I've been involved in some incredible events and it’s given me a great sense of satisfaction to help people who are genuinely in need of help.

Are you planning to volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

If you’ll have me! My form is filled in!

If so, what are you most looking forward to?

I think being involved in delivering one of the biggest events Scotland has ever held will be incredible. Also, meeting a diverse range of people from all cultures and countries, and just soaking up the general buzz of it all!

How would you give the friendliest welcome to people at the Games?

Just by being myself, being friendly and having a laugh with people. Scots are known for being friendly and helpful, so I'll be ready to assist in whatever way I can in order to make people's experience of Glasgow the best it can be!

Which sports star would you most like to see at the Games?

The natural answer would be Usain Bolt, but I really can't wait to see if any GB stars (In particular those from Scotland!) can capture some Golds on home soil. The fact that Scotland will be competing as a nation, gives us added incentive to really deliver!

What venue would you most like to be stationed at as a volunteer?

I'm happy to do any venue, but I do like Hampden Park and the Emirates Arena. I can tell both venues will have a great atmosphere.

In one sentence, why should people volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

Volunteering is awesome. You'll meet new people, you'll see new things and you'll be a part of something special. (Two sentences I know, but I can't recommend volunteering enough!)

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