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Volunteer in Focus – Julia Jones

Julia Jones

What’s your occupation?

Primary school teacher and mum of four.

Where do you live?


Have you volunteered before?

I was a Games Maker during the London 2012 Paralympic Games and I’ve been involved in lots of other volunteering projects.

What’s your best volunteering memory?

My funniest volunteering memory was starting up a Mexican wave at the Paralympics just before the ticket gates opened and accidentally launching my handheld ticket scanner towards the river! My best volunteering memory was just knowing I had in my own small way improved the Games experience for every spectator that I came across.

What have you learnt from volunteering?

I have learnt to turn every challenge into a positive experience and always be willing to try plan B, C, D...

Are you planning to volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

Yes, I’ve applied for Glasgow 2014 and (assuming they don't get to hear about the ticket scanner incident!) have everything crossed that I get an interview. I can't wait to meet people from all over the Commonwealth and welcome them to such a vibrant and exciting city.

How would you give the friendliest welcome to people at the Games?

My welcome would be built on my smile – it's a universal greeting that transcends all language barriers!

Which venue would you most like to be stationed at as a volunteer?

The Opening Ceremony at Celtic Park will be stunning – I hope to bring my children to watch!

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