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Introducing Clyde the Mascot

Clyde's story is inspired by the past -- a real ship called the SS Cameronia built on the Clyde in 1920 - but set in the present day. Clyde is a cheeky wee thistle who has been nurtured by seafaring Scot, Captain Bristle.

Captain Bristle was to set sail around the Commonwealth, and to remember the Dear Green Place he took a pot of thistles on his travels. As he travelled to each of the 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, loading and unloading cargo and passengers, he went for a wee walk to plant a thistle, leaving a small piece of Scotland in each place. When he returned back to Glasgow he had one thistle left in his Captain's trunk which he planted, pride of place, in his front garden. That little thistle grew taller and stronger, day by day, until one night he saw a shooting star and realised he had a huge destiny -- to tell the world about the Commonwealth Games and welcome to Glasgow the friends from all the far flung destinations he had travelled to. Clyde's story is narrated by Billy Connolly - the world famous actor and comedian. Music by Paolo Nutini.

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