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14 weight categories. 14 Gold medals. Strategy. Balance. Technique.

Michele Rogers (blue) beats Jo Melen

Judo, a relatively modern martial art, has grown in popularity throughout the Commonwealth. It is a highly physical sport with a strong ethical code and guiding philosophy. In a display of physical strength and tactical positioning, the sport pits two athletes against each other in a contest to control and dictate the movements of the opponent. The aim is to score points by throwing them to the ground or immobilising them with armlocks, holds or strangles.

Both male and female athletes – dressed in the traditional white and blue Judogi (uniforms) – will compete in 14 defined weight categories in Glasgow, vying for the 14 Gold medals on offer.

Venue: SECC Precinct [West End]

Watch out for: Scotland always puts forward a strong team at the Commonwealth Games and along with England, Wales, Canada and Australia, should lead the charge for medals as the sport returns to the Games programme for the first time since Manchester 2002.

International Federation: International Judo Federation

Results and Schedule 

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