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Para-Sport Powerlifting


They hold the weight bar and the expectations of thousands with each gravity-defying lift.

The pause before pressing upwards seems to hold time. Eyes focus skywards. Arms outstretch and lock in a display of indomitable upper body strength.

The bar is the athlete’s nerve centre, all their strength now focused on keeping it steady.

The atmosphere vibrates with the strain of burning muscles.

Spectators sit tight.

The judge announces the ‘rack’ command. The climax is brought to an end with a clunk.

The weight of the next lift must be increased by at least 1kg. With two more chances left to secure Gold – can they take the strain?

Don’t expect to see them quit. Some of these athletes can lift more than three times their body weight.

This is the event that redefines the boundaries of strength and discipline. Will you be there when it happens?

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