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Demanding to compete in and exhilarating to watch, Swimming has featured at every Commonwealth Games since they began in 1930.

The swimmer knows a good start is crucial. A fraction of a second, one misplaced breath or a slip in stroke can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Every muscle is tense.

Take your marks, the starting signal sounds and the silence ruptures.

Droplets ricochet through the air as the swimmers propel themselves through the water.

Under the surface, spectators’ cheers muffle and distort as leads are lost, won and regained.

With one final push and one final breath, fingers stretch for the wall.

Goggles are peeled off. Numbers on the results board are revealed. Has it been enough to take Gold?

The Swimming competition including six Para-Sport events will take place at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre's 50-metre pool over six days of the Games.

The Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work. For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.