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FAQs - Ticketing

I have misplaced my ticket. Can I get a replacement?

In the interests of fraud prevention, no tickets will be replaced or ticket prices refunded if a ticket is forgotten, lost by you, stolen, defaced, damaged or destroyed.

How will I know if my ticket is sold?

We can’t guarantee your tickets will be sold and your monies refunded, but previous experience has shown that a large proportion of returned tickets are quickly resold. 

If they are resold, you should expect to see money credited to your account by 18 July (minus £2.00 admin fee per ticket).  In the unlikely event that they are not resold, we’ll contact you with information regarding how you can still use these tickets at Games Time.

I didn’t know about the resale programme, can I still return my tickets?

The resale programme was open from 13-26 June. The official resale programme was the only authorised way to sell any Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games tickets.

Selling tickets (even at face value) is a criminal offence without the express authorisation from Glasgow 2014. Glasgow 2014 along with Police Scotland closely monitor the resale of any tickets and will take appropriate action where necessary.

Why was the resale programme only open from 13 – 26 June?

The official resale programme is not an on-going service – it was a specific time period, communicated in advance, where past purchasers were able to offer for resale tickets they were no longer able to use.  In order to ensure that the tickets can be resold in time for the Games, the service was closed on 26 June to enable these tickets to be put back on sale from 28 June.

Will the same ticket limits as before apply (if I have four for a particular session can I buy more?)

The ticket limits per session will still apply.  If you have purchased 2 tickets for a session previously and the ticket limit is 4 you will only be able to purchase an additional 2 tickets for that session.

Can someone else pick up the tickets?

If the tickets are to be picked up by someone else you will need to give them a letter of authorisation, signed by you, entitling them to pick up the tickets on your behalf. They must present this at the box office in order to collect the tickets along with photographic identification.

Can I use tickets to promote or market my business or as prizes in a raffle, competition, contest or sweepstake for my charity, club or business?

No. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotion, auctions, fundraising or marketing purposes (including in competitions, contests and sweepstakes) unless authorised by Glasgow 2014. Please see the Ticketing Terms and Conditions.

How can I request a receipt?

To request a receipt for your ticket purchase, you should apply in writing via email to

How do I know my credit/debit card details will be used and stored securely?

Your ticket application, including your credit/debit card details, will be securely captured and stored to comply with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards.

If I’ve purchased both accessible seating and other seats throughout the venue will they be seated together?

We will do all we can to allocate seats near to the accessibility areas in the venue. However, this may not be always be possible and is subject to availability.

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