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Celtic Park

Built 1892.Upgraded 1999.The history. The thrill. Close up.

Celtic Park

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Celtic Park will host the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. On 23 July 2014, this is where athletes from throughout the Commonwealth community will celebrate their journey to the Games and officially begin their 11-day quest for victory.

Celtic Park is located next to the Athletes' Village, making it ideal for athletes attending the Opening Ceremony in the stadium.

Owned by the famous Celtic Football Club, Celtic Park has a long history and was built in 1892. The stadium was completely redeveloped and upgraded in 1999 and today it is one of the finest football venues in the United Kingdom. The stadium has a spectator arrangement that brings the audience close to the action, it provides an excellent setting for the Opening Ceremony.

As shown on the map, Celtic Park is located in the east end of Glasgow’s city centre, north of the River Clyde. The stadium is 2.3 miles from Glasgow city centre. The venue is easily accessible on foot and by cycle, or by public transport as it is served by multiple rail and bus routes. Car parking at or near the venue will be restricted to authorised vehicles only.

Fast facts

  • Celtic Park originally featured a cycling track which hosted international competitions and attracted thousands of spectators.
  • Celtic Park is also known to fans as ‘Parkhead’ and ‘Paradise’.

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